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Privacy policy legislative decree 196/2003

Pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 ( Unified Law T.U for the protection of personal data), we wish to inform you that the personal information you provide will be handled exclusively for purposes connected to the correct and complete performance of the work carried out.

The information is handled by the means of the operations referenced in Art. 4 paragraph 1 section a) of the Unified Law ( T.U) namely: collection, recording, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation and destruction of data, whether on paper or using computer and electronic instruments.

Providing your personal information is strictly necessary in order to work. Any refusal by the interested party for the provision of such information involves the impossibility of working. Personal information is processed for internal purposes, with full guarantee of security and confidentiality and is not subject to dissemination.

Art. 7 of the Unified Law ( T.U ) provides the interested party the option to exercise specific rights, including obtaining the confirmation of whether or not the personal information exists and having them made available in an intelligible form, the interested party has the right be aware of the source data, the purposes and method of the treatment, the logic applied to processing, the identification of the data holder and the subjects to whom the information may be communicated. The interested party has the right to obtain updating, rectification and supplementation of the data. The cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of processing of data treated in violation of the law. The data holder has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the data.

The data controller is Locati Impianti S.r.l., address Via Vittorio Veneto, 37 – 24049 Verdellino, Bergamo.

The Manager for the processing is Locati Impianti S.r.l.

Technical Cookies

Our website uses Cookies that enable us to improve the website performance for you and other visitors to the site. Cookies are small files that are sent by web servers to web browsers, and which may then be sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the web.

Cookies are used for different purposes including execution of authentication information; monitoring sessions; storage of information on specific configurations about users accessing the server.

These allow the site to remember the users data for the duration of the visit or for future visits, they allow him to navigate between pages efficiently, storing preferences, allow him to interact with social networks such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram and offer the services of Google Maps.

However, the visitors data is processed anonymously, and in group, not persistent and will not be used for the transmission of personal information or for sending adverticements, nor are they systems for tracking and profiling the user.

Please be informed that some operations cannot be carried out without the use of cookies (“technical cookies”), which in some cases are technically necessary.

Cookies may also be used to store the login data of the user and enable automatic recognition possible (avoiding the procedure to enter username and password each time the user accesses the site).

The treatment of data is done with the help of electronic or in any case automated devices, computers or electronics, with logics strictly related to the purposes expressed above and, in any case, to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

Under the current legislation in Italy, an express consent is not always required for the use of cookies. In particular, “Technical” cookies do not require such consent, ie those used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communication network, or when strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user.

It is, in other words, the use of cookies which are essential for the correct functioning of the site or to perform tasks requested by the user.

Technical Cookies

Amongst the technical cookies, which do not require consent for their use, the Italian Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, also includes:

  • “Analytic cookies” when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregated form, on the number of users and how they visit the site,
  • Navigational or session cookies (to authenticate, to make a purchase, etc.)
  • Functional cookies, which allow the user to browse according to a set of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.


Profiling Cookies

For the so called profiling cookies, vice versa, ie those aimed at creating user profiles and used in order to send advertising messages according to the preferences selected by the same user surfing the net, you are required prior consent of the user.

Third Party Cookies

While navigating the Site, user may receive cookies that belong to different web servers on the their screens (so called third party cookies) on which they find elements (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages on other domains) same as the site that they are visiting.

Blocking Cookies

The user can select which cookies are authorised by following the appropriate procedure provided below, and to authorize, block or delete (in whole or in part) the cookies through the specific functions of your navigation program (so-called browser):

However, in the event that all or some of the cookies are disabled it is possible that the site does not function correctly or that certain services or certain functions of the site are not available or are not working properly and / or the user may be forced to change or manually enter some information or preferences each time you visit the site.

If you do wish to change the settings of your cookies following are brief instructions on how to do this in the four most popular browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click the icon ‘Tools’ in the top right corner and select ‘Internet Options’. In the pop up window select ‘Privacy’. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

Google Chrome

Click the wrench in the upper right corner and select ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Show Advanced Settings’, “Under the hood ” and change the settings of the ‘Privacy’.

Mozilla Firefox

From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, select ‘Options’. In the pop up select ‘Privacy’. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.


From the drop down setup menu in the upper right corner, select ‘Preferences’. Select ‘Security’ and here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

As already provided in the banner that immediately appears during the first visit of the site, the consent to the use of all cookies will be provided by the user selecting the virtual key to acceptance (eg OK, a check, etc.) Or by continuing to navigate within the site (such as ignoring the banner / pop-up and conducting further operations).

You will also have free access to the link for the detailed information, complete with all the cookie information (description, purpose and preservation), in which the host of the site will be able to give consent only for certain categories of cookies.

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